Andrew Lilja, principal human factors engineer


I’m a designer, researcher, and engineer with more than a decade of experience understanding users and their needs. I build powerful interfaces rooted in research. Most of my career has been spent developing life-saving medical devices, where great user experience can be the difference between life and death.

I’m also excited about educating the next generation of designers. I teach, speak, and mentor students, and I run the new talent programs where I work.

Selected Work


How do we avoid inappropriate mental model transfer for devices that have the same purpose but work radically differently?

SmartSync Style Guide

Fixing and future-proofing our design system.

Selected Talks

Don't Let Your Work be Useless

2023 Medtronic HCD ConferenceDoing great work isn't enough — you have to convince other people that it is, too.

PSY-244: Introduction to Human-Computer Interaction

Gustauvs Adolphus Spring Semester 2021I developed and taught an HCI curriculum covering the basics of design, psychology, and user experience.


Résumé (PDF)